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quote of the month
“Forget about past mistakes and
focus your energy on the victories
of tomorrow."
~ Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr.


Meet Paul Ferranti - Black Belt in BJJ under Prof. Alexandre 'Grandao' Dos Santos Dantas

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The Peloton Mission is to provide students with the truest form of self-defense and to offer a guide to the "Essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu". Our program will give your child a manual that will be instrumental in the development of self-control, respect, modesty, and discipline.

sets us apart
Simple, we base our program on "legitimacy". Our instructors learned BJJ because they truly believe in the art. They obtained their rank through practice, hard work and years of hard training.
We don't offer 3-year black belt guarantees. "Blackbelt" represents the perseverance required
to develop excellence and mastery of the art.
This standard of excellence is what we at Peloton strive to deliver.

why it takes so long
The process is very complex. One must first learn the techniques. Then, the dedicated student learns the transitions and flow of this non-striking art and how to apply them in sequence. The martial artist trains his or her body so that BJJ is as instinctive as breathing. By becoming part of Peloton Martial Arts Center you become a part of our family. But more importantly, our commitment to offer the best training in a clean, comfortable and professional facility will create an environment contributive to your success.

Team Peloton
In 1914, Esai Maeda, a Japanese politician, arrived in Brazil to establish a Japanese immigration colony. Esai Maeda, known as Count Koma, was a world re- nowned Jiu-Jitsu Master. In order to accomplish his mission, Count Koma befriended, Gastao Gracie, a successful businessman who had strong political ties. Gastao assisted Count Koma in obtaining his objectives, and in return of this kindness,Count Koma taught Jiu-Jitsu to Carlos, Gastao's oldest son. Carlos studied Jiu-Jitsu for several years and eventually taught the art to his younger brothers, Oswaldo, Gastao, and George.

Peloton Martial Arts Center strives to provide the highest quality instruction in Western New York. Come experience the difference!
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